Trip to haiti

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Worded began reporting having expended companies of critical life supplies such as antibiotics by 17 Missing. ABOUT OUR TRIPS. Each year, IAM facilitates multiple medical and surgical trips to Haiti. The primary purpose of each trip is to provide remote villages in Haiti with medical care and to educate Haitians on subjects such as oral hygiene, STD’s, and nutrition.

Mission of Hope

Haiti is an excellent trip choice for families with younger children because of the accommodations. Modern buses or vans will transport the team to clinics each day. Small, open Jeeps will occasionally transport the team to smaller villages.

Recommended guidebook for Haiti: We used the Bradt Guide to Haiti during our trip and highly recommend it. The author, Paul Clammer, spent a considerable amount of time living in Haiti. Tour Haiti is one of a few travel companies based in Port-au-Prince and is a useful point of call if you are planning a trip to Haiti.

Do [ edit ] [ add listing ] Champs De Mars (Chanmas) - Haiti's capital park. I wasn’t originally planning on blogging about my trip to Haiti as the decision to go was more of a personal one.

But, having been back for a week now, I figured if blogging about it could help in some way, then I might as well.

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But there is another reason—the nature of this trip was quite different from others. I did not do much individual work with local people. When I returned to Haiti this time, there was a shift—a “quieting” is the only way I can describe it—amongst those I usually work with.

Trip to haiti
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