Shopping mall impact on small bussinesses

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Why some businesses still don't take credit cards

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Also known as “draw tenant”, “anchor tenant”, or “key tenant”, an anchor store is one of the largest—if not the largest—store in a mall or shopping center. •In the area of the Lake Square Mall, Waffle House has bought an outparcel in front of the Lowe's home-improvement store near Cracker Barrel.

Up to 30 jobs will come with that restaurant, and. Hello, my husband and I are putting in an automated gas station in my hometown. Since there are only 3 redboxes withing 30 miles of our location, we thought it would be a great addition to the town, which by the way, was blown away in the April 27, tornadoes.

A women's clothing store, for example, would no doubt profit from being near other clothing shops, since many people shopping for clothes tend to spend at least a few hours in a particular area.

New businesses bring diversity to Lake economy

Ultimately, the perfect location for any business is a very individual matter.

Shopping mall impact on small bussinesses
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