Saw dust

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10 Uses for Sawdust

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10 Uses for Sawdust

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Saw dust synonyms, Saw dust pronunciation, Saw dust translation, English dictionary definition of Saw dust. n. The small particles of wood or other material that fall from an object being sawed.

saw′dust′y adj. n particles of wood formed by sawing n. The vivid, colorful sunset on display in the Baton Rouge area Monday night was caused by dust blown across the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahara Desert, a local meteorologist says.

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Sawdust definition is - fine particles (as of wood) made by a saw in cutting. fine particles (as of wood) made by a saw in cutting; tiny particles of wood that are formed from sawing or sanding wood. The last two weeks have been all about drywall. Getting the basement ready for a LOT of drywall work.

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Saw dust
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