Problems of a big city karachi

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Big City Problems Essay Sample

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Veterinary Doctors in Pakistan

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Major problems of Karachi city

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Mexico City

How can we pay a monthly rent of 2,” said the father adding, “In any case it is impossible to find cheap accommodation in a big city like Karachi. Besides, we feel safe because it is situated in the premises of police headquarters.

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Describing Places – Describing a City

We used to have to filter the water with a Brita after other filters. The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) is one of the best nonprofit private hospital in Pakistan and serves as a best teaching hospital for doctors. Karachi is considered as one of the biggest cities in the world but its residents have been victimised by so many problems for a long time.

One of the problems is the transport system which is not at all sufficient for its population.

Problems of a big city karachi
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Big City Problems | Essay Example