Problem solution essay binge drinking

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10 radical solutions to binge drinking

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Binge drunk driving has escalated and various organizations have raised alarm on the high number of binge drinking related accidents. The drunk driving problem has always raised the question of what is being done to contain the problem and whether steps taken actually produce the desired results.

One of the most serious problems in today's youth is drinking. Amoung high school and college students a popular and very dangerous kind of drinking. Binge drinking can cause serious injury and many college and high school kids are dying from Binge drinking is indentified as the number one health hazard for American college students today.

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The troublesome problems associated with binge drinking cannot be denied nor can this display of disquieting behavior be ignored. The answers to this problem may be quite simple. Alcohol is not the problem itself; society"s attitudes, values, and morals are at the heart of the binge-drinking problem.

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age - People question why teens are considered old enough to go to war at the age of eighteen but not old enough to consume alcohol (Wechsler and Nelson ).

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Problem solution essay binge drinking
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