Fish farming as a controversial solution to address the problem of overfishing in our oceans

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World Population Awareness

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Properly managed, our oceans can continue to produce an abundant supply of fish indefinitely. Marine reserves have been one very effective potential solution to the overfishing problem, as the illustration from the PEW Oceans Commission depicts.

I was investigating peak wild-caught fish recently when I stumbled across Our Oceans Can't Survive Fishing Madness by Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons, authors of Hook, Line and Blinkers, an in-depth look at fishing off New Zealand. I was particularly struck by this passage.

Scientists disagree over the size of the overfishing problem. Getting reliable catch data is hard enough, data on fish.

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Endangerment is a complex issue that involves the ecosystems where species live and interact together. Measures are being taken on specific issues of endangerment, but without protecting the environments where endangered species live, these efforts will be in vane.

A new report in the journal Science suggests that some types of aquaculture, a fish-farming concept that once seemed to be the solution to overfishing of the world's oceans, may in fact be causing some of the same problems it was meant to resolve.

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The Future of Sustainable Fish Farming

A guest post by Christine Rose on Fishing Minister Stuart Nash's strange decision to delay the implementation of video surveillance on fishing ships and the .

Fish farming as a controversial solution to address the problem of overfishing in our oceans
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Exaggerated Claims About Over-Fishing Of The Oceans? - Decline of the Empire