Classical civilisation coursework

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Classical Civilisation and Latin

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Classics and Ancient History

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Consultation on examination of Classical subjects at KS4

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Classical Civilisation

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AQA GCSE Classical Civilisation. Classical Civilisation How? Non-examined material in Year 9 2 final exams at end of Year 11 No coursework 3 lessons per week. GCSE Classical Civilisation Why? Interest in the ancient world: mythology archaeology history literature.

GCSE Classical Civilisation. Classical Civilisation Exam board: Course: Coursework? O R ~the specification is awaiting accreditation A level None Why is it important to study civilisations which. Oct 25,  · Ancient History and Classical Civilisation are in the final group of reformed GCSEs. They are now suitable for private candidates as assessment is exam only.

Available for teaching from Sept and first exams Summer Classical civilisation coursework studies allows you to explore and critically analyse aspects of classical culture, history, philosophy and literature.

You may study the culture and history of Greek and Roman.

Classical civilisation coursework
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