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AASB 138 (Intangible Assets) Summary for Businesses

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AASB 138 (Intangible Assets) Summary for Businesses

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assets after technical feasibility and commercial viability have been demonstrated. software providers. 4 Expense deferral iii Development costs meet the six strict tests for deferral in paragraph 57 of AASB ASIC believes that, in order to assist users of financial reports to understand the results of an.

The date shown in the Issue Date column is either the date the Standard was made by the AASB or the date of the most recent amendment by the AASB included in the compiled version.

The Operative Date indicates the beginning (or end) of the first annual reporting period. AASB “INTANGIBLE ASSETS” (IN PARTICULAR SOFTWARE) BACKGROUND AASB Intangible Assets is an Australian Equivalent International Financial Reporting Standard (AIFRS) applicable to financial years beginning on or after 1 January Policy Ref PN-6 Version No.

v 1 Date Issued COMPUTER SOFTWARE AASB Ref, UIG Interpretation Policy Owner Contact No. Objective 1. The objective of this policy is to prescribe the accounting treatments for.

aCCOUNTING STANDARD AASB The Australian Accounting Standards Board made Accounting Standard AASB Intangible Assets under section of the Corporations Act on 15 July When the software is not an integral part of the related hardware, computer software is treated as an intangible asset.

5. The Australian Accounting Standards Board made Accounting Standard AASB Intangible Assets under section of the Corporations Act on 14 August This compiled version of AASB applies to annual periods beginning on or after 1 January

Aasb 138 software
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